Remote Wireless Photoflash Switches

A Reader Asks

“I own a Nikon strobe. Can I use the same radio trigger I use on the Nikon to power my Canon strobe?”

Firstly to clarify: Radio Triggers really do not “power” anything. One cannot easily transmit power wirelessly (although Nikola Tesla would argue that fact). They are basically relays or switches that are controlled by a radio signal.

Radio controlled flash triggers are “device agnostic.” It is just an extension of your camera’s synch switch and circuitry. They have worked with most any photoflash device I have teamed them with — Canon, Nikon, Norman, Photogenic, Lumedyne, Broncolor and more. 

One thing to consider, some wireless flash triggers will serially transmit your camera’s exposure data along the  data stream in multi-lighting setups using the same flash and camera system (i.e. Nikon to Nikon, Canon to Canon) If you cross systems you will likely still be able to trigger the remote flash but it may not or will not be able to transmit the exposure data. -33-


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