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A Disaster Plan For Television Viewing

You have Cable, Fiber or The Dish and think you are set for the new digital television cutover. Your service providers have assured you through their marketing ads that you do not have to worry about the digital transition and should just relax, sit back and enjoy the show when everyone with an antenna on their roof will be scrambling to get a signal when the government finally decides to shut down analog TV. Don’t allow yourself be lead down the primrose path because your service provider is only telling you part of the story.


As all services do, your television service will occasionally suffer from outages from natural and manmade disasters. Imagine for a moment that you lose your television signal but still have power or have backup power available. Imagine further that you are in need of emergency information or just want to watch your favorite show that appears on a broadcast station. What do you do when your signal from your service provider dies? The smart viewer will have a backup plan in place.


A backup plan consists of the following:


·      A “Rabbit Ear” type of TV antenna.

·      A digital to analog (DTV) converter box or a digital tuner in your television.

·      Necessary cables to make the connections between a DTV Converter and your antenna and TV.

·      Instructions on how to connect everything to your TV and scan for TV channels.


This may seem like a lot of trouble but you will be very happy you have your plan in place if and when you need it. You won’t be able to receive all your fancy and expensive premium channels with this setup but it is comforting to know that you will be able to receive basic broadcast television and more importantly emergency information when it is needed most. Oh, and the most important thing is not to wait for a problem before you try to make your connections and setups. Try it now when there is no stress to perform in an emergency. You will be happy you did. -33-